Birthday Party Packages: Up to 20 Children

(Reservations available beginning in January)

Initial Price for 10 Children: $200, then its $10 per child.

      2 Hour Party

      2 Pizzas, 2 bags of chips, Pretzels, Juice Boxes

        Napkins, Big Plates for Pizza, Smaller Plates for dessert

        Napkins, Table Cloth. Please tell us 2 themes/colors

            (in case we don’t find your first choice)

        Balloons and streamers to decorate the room.

        Parents are not included in pizza.

       Please supply your own cake.

       You may bring any other food items you wish and set up a buffet.

Choose from 1 of 5 different types of parties:

1) Dance Party: + $50

       Short Dance Class: 1st grade and up

            Warm Up, Across the Floor, and a combination about 30 mins

        Short Dance Class ages 2 - 5:

            Ballet Warm Up and class, Across the Floor Animals, and Freeze

            dance with streamers about 30 mins

        Cha Cha Slide, Limbo, Hot Potato, Hoola Hoop Contest

  1. 2)Arts n Crafts Party: + $10 per child

        Choice of projects and pictures coming soon!

  1. 3)Arts n Crafts and Dance Party: + $15 per child for first 10 children

                                                         + $10 for 11th - 20th guest.

        Children will have an arts n crafts class followed by a dance party.

        *This party will be a 3 hour party

  1. 4)Sewing Party: + $25 per child

       Children will sit for an hour sewing lesson. Project choices            

        coming soon. Ages 8 and up

  1. 5)Runway + Dance Party: + $25 per child

       Get your hair put in a ballerina bun

        Make up: Eyeshadow, Blush, and Lipstick, to take home.

        Nails painted!

        Pick out a dance costume to wear for the runway!

        Dance party from above also included.

Extra Items:

Face Painting: + $30

Balloon Animals: + $10

Towel Animal Folding Class: price coming soon

Karaoke: + $50