Next Step Dance Studio in Staten Island, NY invites you to view our tuition and class policies to learn what’s expected for our dance classes. We hope to see you at class! To download the information below, click here.

$40 a month - 30 mins a week $85 a month - 2.5 hrs $125 a month - 4.75 hrs a week
$45 a month - 45 mins a week $90 a month - 2.75hrs $130 a month - 5 hrs a week
$55 a month - 1hr a week $95 a month - 3 hrs $135 a month - 5.25 hrs a week
$60 a month - 1.25 hrs $100 a month - 3.25hrs $140 a month - 5.5 hrs a week
$65 a month - 1.5 hrs $105 a month - 3.5 hrs $145 a month - 5.75 hrs a week
$70 a month - 1.75 hrs $110 a month - 3.75 hrs a week $150 a month - unlimited!
$75 a month - 2hrs $115 a month - 4 hrs a week $150 – 6+hrs/week unlimited tuition*
$80 a month - 2.25 hrs $120 a month - 4.5 hrs a week $250 a month - pre-professional dance program with broadway choreographers!


*Unlimited tuition applies to all programs except the Pre-Professional program.

Adult Classes: $10 a class pay as you go or adults may choose to register monthly with the monthly tuition. Pay as you go is only available for Adult class students.



Costumes: $95
Each costume is $95. Each class has 1 costume. Each child receives 1 pair of free tights per color needed for the performance.

Dress Rehearsal Fee: $25
Dress rehearsal fee is $25 per child or $35 per family.

Finale Tank Top: $25
Each child Ages 4 + up is in the finale and is required to wear the finale tank top.

Ticket Price: $23 per ticket



Sibling Discount: 2nd child is 50% off, 3rd child 75 % off, 4th child etc. is also 75 % off

Early Bird Registration: 10% off September tuition for all who register before the end of June.

College Student Discount: 25% off all classes and programs for college students. (Must present college ID)

Parent Discount: Sibling discount applies to parents who wish to dance.

Unlimited Class Pricing*: $150 a month unlimited class rate (single student)

$250 a month unlimited class rate per family.

*Unlimited class rates do not apply to Pre-Professional program.

DVD Discount: (For June recital only)

DVD is free with a purchase of 10 recital tickets,

DVD is $15 with a purchase of 8 tickets,

DVD is $30 with a purchase of 6 tickets.

Regular Price: $50



  1. September Tuition is non-refundable
  2. Child is not fully registered until September tuition is paid.
  3. Classes at Next Step Dance Studio do not exceed 15 students, anyone registering by phone or email is not fully registered until the first month’s tuition is paid for.
  4. Tuition is due the first of each month. All tuition paid after the first of the month is considered late. We have a $5 late fee for tuition per month.
  5. Tuition is equal for every month and no credit is given for sickness, holidays or snow days. However, everyone is entitled to make up for absences and has until the end of the school year to make up classes.
  6. If classes are cancelled due to the weather, a message will be on our machine as well as posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  7. Nutcracker costume payment is due at Registration for all who are participating.
  8. Costume payments are due before the Holiday break and are $95 per costume. Costumes paid for after January 1st will have a $15 late fee per costume.
  9. Costume payments are non-refundable.
  10. Recital tickets may not be purchased until all balances are paid in full. Tickets go on sale in April.
  11. Recital tickets are non-refundable.
  12. All students in the ages 2 – 3 movement classes require a backstage guardian. After intermission, ages 2 – 3 students are given a ticket to sit in the audience with their families and watch the second half of the show and will be called back up at the end of the entire performance for their trophies.
  13. The first 3 – 5 rows of the theater (depending on enrollment) are reserved for families of the ages 2 – 3 year old classes. After that all seats are first come first serve.
  14. Next Step Dance Studio is not responsible for any lost property or injuries on the premises.

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