Ages 13 & Up

Beginner Classes (Non-Competitive)

Next Step Dance Studio offers beginner classes for ages 13 – 18 at both of our locations. They are non-competitive classes for all levels. We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, & Acrobatics, & Irish Dance for Beginner students.

Intermediate Classes (Non-Competitive & Competitive)

We offer intermediate classes for both non-competitive and competitive dancers.
Our technique classes are open for all dancers who wish to take it to the next level. Technique classes are open to both competitive and non-competitive dancers.

We also offer for intermediate dancers a no-pressure competition team. Our “JV” team only goes to one competition in the spring. It is open to students who are new to competition and want to do more.

Advanced Classes (Competitive)

For advanced dancers, we have our Nationals Competition team. Our team competes at 2 regional competitions and 1 nationals competition.

Advanced Acrobatics & Ballet (non-competitive)

We offer advanced acrobatics and ballet programs for dancers who wish to take it to the advanced level but do not wish to compete.

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 Manor Heights Pleasant Plains

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Next Step Dance Studio is happy to offer dance classes for all skill levels for ages 13 & up. Beginners are welcome as well as advanced dancers.

Pleasant Plains:

We have a 4 in 1 class available for 7th – 12th grade which includes Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz & Hip Hop.
We also offer Ballet, Irish Step, & Acrobatics classes.

Pleasant Plains Class Schedule

Intermediate Dancers:
We offer our “Value Class Competition Team”

This program is a recreational competition team. It competes at only 1 competition in the spring and is just for fun. Dancers experience being part of a team without the pressure.

Intermediate dancers are also welcome to take Ballet, Irish Step & Acrobatics as well as a variety of other technique classes.

Value Class

Advanced Dancers:
We offer our “Nationals Competition Team” program as well as the option for performing a solo.

Nationals Competition Team

Manor Heights: (New Location for 2019!)

At our Manor Heights location, students can choose from the following dance styles:
Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Tap, & Hip Hop, & Acrobatics
Each class is a separate class so students can pick choose and mix and match their dance style.

Manor Heights Class Schedule

We are open to starting more advanced programs at Manor Heights if a group of 4 or more students is interested.”

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 Manor Heights Pleasant Plains

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