Saturday, 9/24/16 – Marika M. (Ballet)

Marika MMarika Matuszak has been studying ballet for 20 years. Ballet has been an integral part of her dance studies in her studios, Danek School of Performing Arts and Perkins School of the Arts. Marika also studied at Raphael Grigorian Ballet Theatre in Binghamton, NY where she learned Vaganova ballet. Marika attended the University at Buffalo for a year where she began looking at ballet from a modern-dancer’s perspective. Marika then transferred to Pace University which is where most of her ballet technique solidified. At Pace she studied ballet daily under renowned teachers such as Scott Jovovich, Michael Cusumano, Kat Wildish, Lauren Gaul and many others. With all of the different influences on her studies, Marika teaches a blended style of ballet. Her methodology stems from her studies in pedagogy. Here she became familiar with the American Ballet Theatre’s teaching, but also learned specific techniques of teaching to enhance the students learning. Marika chooses a theme for the day and implements that into each exercise to truly develop a full knowledge of the specific nuance. Approaching ballet from a performer’s stand point, Marika also focuses on performing ballet from within to teach the students the connection of ballet to other styles of dance while remembering: Ballet is the basis of it all.

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